How much time do I need to commit to the MMYH Academy?

This is a self-study course so it's really up to you.

The first 3 modules of the program are the most intensive and require the most time. This is because the first few modules are the most in-depth. They are designed to help you develop a deep and strong foundation on which to build a truly sustainable business.

Other factors that will affect how much time you’ll need for MMYH Academy are:


    • How experienced you are in business


    • Whether or not you choose to participate in the Upgrade Package which includes live calls with Amanda herself.


    • Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions


  • Whether or not you complete every piece of homework.

If you choose to go through the program live with us and fully participate in every aspect of the course (live “coaching calls” with Upgrade purchase, comments, conversations in the forum, etc.), a very rough time estimate would be 4-6 hours per class for the first three classes.

However, if you simply want to digest the material, you’ll need approximately 2-3 hours for each class.

Remember that each week comes with exercises and implementation steps. While we suggest at least one week of implementation per class you may decide to spend a little longer implementing depending on what stage of your business you are in.

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