How is the MMYH Academy Different From Other Online Business Courses?

While there are a ton of great programs out there, most of them only teach you how to market yourself online through blogging and social media. While this is important, they leave out a very important aspect of making money: knowing how to close a deal.

That's why so many online entrepreneurs are still struggling after participating in other programs. They know social media like the back of their hands, but social media alone isn't going to make you any money.

The MMYH Academy specifically focuses on the activities that will actively generate revenue in your business: leveraging your time, sales and your money mindset.

Rather than learning about Twitter, Wordpress and SEO by the end of this program you will know how to:


    • Identify which activities generate revenue and which one's don't.


    • Quote your prices with ease and confidence.


    • Conduct sales calls that lead to deals and don't leave you feeling like a used car salesman.


  • Attract abundance in the most practical ways possible.

This course is meant to compliment other courses who focus primarily on social media and online marketing.

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